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Digital Sheet Music - Scenes from Dinétah (Connor Chee)

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Scenes from Dinétah (2020)

Written by Connor Chee

-Digital Sheet Music Instant Download-


  • Sunrise
  • Horny Toad
  • Pathways for 2 pianos (includes parts)
  • Hogan
  • Sheep
  • Horses
  • Weaving
  • Female Rain
  • Fry Bread
  • Cedar
  • Sunset
  • Stars


"Dinétah," the Navajo Nation's self-designation, adds depth to Connor Chee's piano collection, "Scenes from Dinétah." These solo piano pieces weave diatonic modalities, indirectly referencing traditional Navajo melodies.

Inspired by elements of Diné culture, the twelve piano pieces span a spectrum of characters—from the reverent and meditative "Cedar" to the playful and lighthearted "Fry Bread."

Rooted in the rhythms, forms, melodies, and methods of development found in traditional Navajo music, these pieces serve as a harmonious bridge between contemporary expression and cultural heritage. "Scenes from Dinétah" captures the rich tapestry of Navajo cultural nuances through its musical exploration.

Level ranges from Intermediate to Advanced

File Type: PDF

File Size: 1.43 MB

Pages: 74

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