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Digital Sheet Music - Hózhó for Organ Solo

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Hózhó for Organ Solo (2022)

Commissioned by Pamela Ruiter-Feenstra

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“This piece was inspired by the traditional Diné (Navajo) concept of Hózhó, often translated as ‘balance and beauty.’ This concept permeates Diné life and culture, and reflects the state of harmony that binds all things together in the universe. When elements of the universe fall out of balance, nature will ultimately strive to achieve homeostasis and balance once again. In the same way, the Diné seek to achieve harmony and beauty in life each day, despite the inevitable times of imbalance.

As a child, my grandmother taught me that keeping balance and harmony in my life started with the simplest things. I was taught to always keep my necklaces hung neatly so they would not tangle, to keep my belongings in order, and even to make sure my shoes were untied when I took them off. The idea was that if I could keep balance in those fundamental things, it would permeate my spirit and inspire my life as a whole. Although I still struggle to keep the space where I live and work in perfect order, I know that when I feel overwhelmed or out of sorts, I can start by organizing the simple things to welcome balance back into my life.

‘Hózhó’ for Organ Solo presents a musical search for balance and beauty. At times, the music is unbalanced in form and meter, but seeks to return to a more harmonious state. The melodic content that opens the piece is presented again at the end, but in retrograde. This symbolizes a balanced idea that surrounds the rest of the (sometimes unbalanced) musical content. It returns the listener to the beginning of the piece with a melody that is in essence the same, but transformed during the experience.”

-Connor Chee


File Type: PDF

File Size: 230 KB

Pages: 5 + Front Cover, Title Page, Contents, Notes, and Back Cover (12 pages total)

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